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Fly Lines

The Caddis Fly Shop delivers specialty fly lines manufactured by OPST, Rio, AirFlo, Scientific Anglers, Wulff, and Cortland - the fly best line for every species and every angling environment.

Fly lines ship free and we are happy to load them on your reels with free backing. The Caddis Fly Shop provides insightful reviews on Rio fly lines, AirFlo fly lines, Scientific Anglers fly lines.

Fly Line Sales, Customer Service, and fast free shipping are our specialties - We provide the best fly line for your specialized fishing situation from the Caddis fly Shop.

We have seen the availability of fly fishing lines evolve from very limited to almost more than the consumer can comprehend. As professionals, we strive to keep up on the latest developments and technology to best match the product to the fishing conditions.

How to Choose the Right Flyline

Fly fishing lines for bonefish are different than fly lines for tarpon, permit, sea run cutthroat, or lake trout. The same is true for Spey fly lines and Spey Skagit and Scandi compact lines by Rio and Airflo. SA also offers very good Spey lines and spey shooting head lines in the Skagit, Scandinavian, and long belly fly line styles. We have found that effective fly fishing for certain species can indeed require the use of fairly specific fly line types.

We test fly line prototypes every year and provide advice and fly line reviews to manufacturers to help develop superior products. Is there a single "best" brand? We think not. Rio, Airflo, SA, Sage, and others all offer excellent fly lines for specialized fishing conditions. Having access to virtually every line in the universe, testing these lines, and fishing these fly lines, has taught us that all of the brands our customers request include most excellent products.

We invite you to browse our selection of Airflo, Rio, SA, and Sage fly fishing lines and call us if you have questions about our experience or on water reviews of various fly lines.
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