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Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line


The Scientific Anglers SONAR TITAN Full Intermediate fly line is is an intermediate sink like designed for rods in the #6 to #12 wt class fishing in temperate climates for all species.

SA SONAR TITAN Full Intermediate fly lines are dependable performers that cast well day after day and are extremely durable and tangle free.

Whether you are chasing big stripers on either coast or salmon up in BC, this is a very fine fly line for streamers and wide variety of sub-surface flies.

Summary of prominent SONAR TITAN Full Intermediate fly line features:

Line range - WF-6 I to WF-12 I AFFTA note - line is two sizes heavier than traditional standards and this is well suited to modern fast action fly rods Sink rate - 1.25 IPS Climate - temperate to cold climate Clear head/tip - no this line has a pale green head with pale blue running line Head length 33.5 ft Running line intermediate Line loops front and rear Line ID - yes Core - braided multifilament Remarks: powerful front-loaded taper for wind and large flies

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