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Wading Gear

Offering sales of Simms, Patagonia, and Redington waders in a full range of price and performance - plus sale price waders as available.

Video and Reviews of field testing for all of the waders we offer are based on our fishing experience.

We inventory a huge range of Gore-Tex and proprietary Patagonia H2-No breathable fabric waders; we also stock waders in a HUGE range of sizes. Kindly give our selection and prices a look, we think you will be pleased.

Several NEW and updated wader models offered by Patagonia, Simms, and Redington all merit your consideration:

At all price ranges, we have an excellent selection of waders to meet your individual fly fishing needs whether you fish spring, summer, autumn or winter, we have you covered.

Simms Waders: Simms is a respected manufacturer that focuses exclusively on fishing, and fly fishing waders are one of their many strong product lines. Offered on models for a range of prices, Simms also offers waders specifically tailored for women and youth.

All Simms, all day, every day. That's one of our mottos here at the Caddis Fly Shop. Why? It is because Simms waders for men, women, and youth, like all the Simms fishing clothing and gear, are designed for us fly fishing enthusiasts, and is offered in a great variety of fit options offering something in the way of comfort that suits us all, from the short to the tall, the slim to the full figured men and women. Simms waders, too, offer a wide variety of stock sizes, women’s wader sizing, and custom fit options.

The range of wader styles and fits offered by Simms speaks to the passion Simms has for their fly fishing wading jackets, wader design and manufacturing quality in this niche product market. Simms G4Z waders, Simms G4 Pro waders, Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders, Simms headwaters Stockingfoot waders, Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot Pant, Simms Women’s Headwaters Stockingfoot waders, Simms custom fit waders, and Simms Custom Boot Foot waders – think of it, gaze in wonderment at the variety of wader styles offered by Simms.

Regardless of the Simms waders you are interested in, we can help you select sizes, wader features, and cost options; just give us a call or send an email and allow us to help find the waders perfect for your needs.

Redington: Redington waders represent an excellent means to achieve the best combination of quality and value price. If you are looking for very good waders at great prices, Redington just might be your best choice. We invite you to give the Redington selection a browse.

Redington offers the fly angler a quality and cost effective men's, women's, and youth-sized, chest high, breathable, lightweight wader in the class of Simms and Patagonia.

The Redington waders product line includes several breathable waders in a variety of prices and, listen up, special fit for woman fishers and river workers. Don’t let the price points mislead you, Redington waders offer good waders for men, women, and youth that are very serviceable. For a modest investment, Redington can put you on of keep you on the water, season in and season out. Are you a fish biologist doing stream surveys? Give Redington waders a try. Have a gaggle of kids in the family that want to give fishing a try?

While you are at it, we encourage you to look at Redington wading boots, fly rods, fly reels, and the range of Redington clothing that is offered for the angler and outdoors oriented activities. Redington makes great fly fishing equipment, gear, and assorted fly fishing stuff at very good price points.

Patagonia Waders: Patagonia is focused on the fishing community; that said, this a highly respected manufacturer has put a ton of emphasis on their innovative ine of waders, and we highly approve of the results. From the H2No technology that is downright waterproof to back-of-leg seams, to suspenders and booties, Patagonia has an absolutely great line of waders and wading boots. The same thinking that has brought together an unexcelled and innovative product line of surfing, skateboarding, and mountaineering gear has not been applied to deliver an outstanding, no-nonsense line of breathable waders to the fly fishing industry.

Wader fit: If you know your wader fit, you’re set already. If you are unsure, please give us a call and our staff will gladly help you choose a good wader fit. We stock or have access to ever wader shape on the planet, given that Simms, Patagonia, or Redington has their supplies on hand. If we don’t have it on the shelves in the back room, we can get it for you right fast.

Waterproofing Technology: Each wader manufacturer may utilize different materials, number of layers, and vary the number of layers on different parts of the wader depending on price and expected season of use. Gore-Tex and H2NO technologies are the foundation of Simms and Patagonia, respectively. Both are really waterproof and durable so you just can’t go wrong.

Durability of waders: Generally, wader durability is directly correlated with price. No wader is puncture proof, so we advise reasonable caution as you scramble around the Briar Patch. Simms, Patagonia, and Redington all manufacture and design waders suited to the demands of modern anglers and people who work around water; they utilize the best technology and materials and are far superior to the waders we wore in days of old.

Suspension System: Many, actually, most of the waders offered by Simms, Patagonia, and Redington include integrated suspenders and some include a wader belt also.

Gravel Guards: Again, the majority of waders these days are of such high quality and also include integrated gravel guards, so please check out the individual wader model to see if they do or do not.

Wader Warranty Service: issues involving manufacturing errors are a no brainer, but are extremely rare. All of the waders we carry come with respectable warranties. All warranties take normal wear into account and note misuse or wader abuse as caveats. We stand by all the waders we sell and are generally to work with our customers to achieve satisfactory warranty service.

Wading Boots from Patagonia, Simms and Redington.

Patagonia Wading Boots strike the perfect balance between superior functionality and lightweight technology. Shipped free.

We are proud to offer all four styles of the new Patagonia Wading Boots built by Danner in Portland Oregon. The New for 2019 Foot Tractor Wading boot is available in Aluminum Bars, Felt and Vibram Idrogrip soles. The new River Salt flats boot is great for salt and freshwater.

Patagonia’s wading products cater to anglers of all styles; whether you’re a hiker, a boat fisherman, or do a little bit of both, Patgonia wading shoes and boots are perfect for you.

Regardless of which Patagonia Wading Boot you choose, you can be assured of a few things: They are very light and flexible, but also extremely stable. They also protect your ankles and feet with durable, strong materials.

Our most dependable wading boot options include Korkers Boots and Korkers Omnitrax soles - and we offer free shipping from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Korkers wading boots and Omnitrax boot soles have gained a international reputation as first-rate wading gear among fly fishing men & women, fish biologists, and anyone working in waders in and around the water.

Our selection of Korkers Wading Boots and Korkers Replacement soles includes all of the current models and sizes - you can depend on us to supply the boot and wading accessory you need.

The Korkers Omnitrax 3.0 boot sole system is especially intriguing because it offers the capability of changing boot soles from golf, felt, hiking, or studded felts. suited to different wading conditions and rivers. The Omnitrax 3.0 wading boot soles don't require tools to remove or insert, save an opposable thumb, and the Korkers video posted below shows quite clearly just how easy sole changing is.

The entire line of Korkers wading boots and Korkers boot soles merit your serious consideration.

We have a full selection of Guide Tested Simms Fly Fishing Boots and wading shoes..

If Simms offers a wading boot, we can provide it to you promptly. The dedication of our Pro staff at the Caddis Fly Shop to Simms Wading boots and all things Simms is unquestionable. This year, Simms has made a decision to offer Felt wading boots in addition to Streamtread Vibram soled wading boots. We may debate plusses and minuses of felts versus rubber sole wading boots, but the quality and durability of Simms Wading Boots is unsurpassed.

Caddis Pro Staff Reviews of Simms Fly Fishing Wading boots.

Simms Wading boots are designed by and for fishers and people who stomp around in the water. We have many years of experience wearing and wearing-out Simms wading boots. We still come back to Simms. Good memories. Good trustworthy performance. A set of new laces now and then. Simms Wading Boots just work for us.

Felts Again. Although there are many settings where we have not needed felts - like fishing from drift boats and clean gravel bars. For questions about felts versus rubber sole boots give us a call or email. We will fill you in.

Need studs? Fishing slippery sloped bedrock and boulders? Try the Simms Star Cleats or the Grip Stud Pack Tool and Removable studs. We have had decent results in many wading situations with Simms Star Cleats. The Grip Studs offer an opportunity to “Super-size” the performance of Streamtread Vibram soled wading boots used under the most demanding wading environments.

Given our dedication to providing options regarding customer’s brand dedications, fit requirements, and spending choices, we also offer excellent wading boots by Patagonia, Korkers, and even Orvis Saltwater flats wading boots. This variety of products in our inventory allows us to work with each of our customers to find just the right “fit” for his or her wading boots.

Thinking about how deeply and seriously Simms commits to stocking foot waders, is it any surprise that they deliver extremely high performance-value in wading boot department? Quick answer: Simms wading boots are superior value products.

Whether or not you have come to the Caddis Fly with Simms in mind, we can help you select sizes, features, and cost options across the many boots and brands we inventory.

The Caddis Fly Shop offers a dazzling range of Wading Accessories - including innovative products by Simms, Patagonia, and Korkers.

We carry Simms wading belts galore, Patagonia wading socks, Simms replacement laces, Aquaseal wader repair goo, Patagonia Guidewater laces. Simms Guide Model Gravel guards, Simms neoprene wading socks, Patagonia stretch wading belt, Simms Backsaver and Backmagic wading belts, Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro, Simms wading staff, Simms Star Cleats, Grip Studs and Grip Stud tool and more. If it is used by anglers and you do not see it here, either call us or browse further, we sure do stock it! Heck, we even carry Simms Revivex that you spray on GoreTex to restore its original water shedding properties.

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