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Korkers Devil's Canyon Boot


The Korkers Devilís Canyon wading boots come with some new high tech durable materials and technical features that havenít been done before.

Devilís Canyon wading boot incorporates the companyís OmniTrax Interchangeable Outsole System and numerous other proprietary and innovative features making it one of the most agile wading boots commercially available.

Korkerís new Devilís Canyon wading boots delivers superior athletic performance for aggressive anglers who like to face tough and challenging positions.

The Devilís Canyon boot features a durable hard neoprene shell and a stretchable, supple 4-way stretch neoprene section around the Achilles tendon area. This boot is amazingly light and will fit you like a glove.

The Devilís Canyon uses the most effective M2 Boa lacing system that comes with a lifetime guarantee and provides a secure fit. This is a sealed Boa reel which prevents the sand and debris from entering the Boa system. It features a one-of-a-kind stretch wrap that hugs the ankle and lower leg, providing a very comfortable fit with no friction points.

Devilís Canyon comes with a new, unique and proprietary midsole design that has internal drainage channels and large ports to quickly take water away from the boot, reduce water retention and minimizing weight. This has never been done before so be the first to try it out and be able to tell your friends and family about how easy it is to move around without expending additional energy. You can focus on the fishing rather than being bogged down by your boots.

The Devilís Canyon incorporates a new 420 rockguard D upper material with upper cuff which will act like an ace bandage.

The hydrophobic materials ensure faster drying times and the unique 2 layer molded toecap with protected triple stitched recessed grooves that add durability and ensures that these boots will last longer than those you currently own. It also features a bumper sole which will minimize damage as you wade through the water.

The Devilís Canyon comes with Kling On rubber soles and felt soles for $199.99 which offers superior grip. Studded Kling On soles can be added to the boot as well. This provides added versatility and enables you to fish in almost any given terrain and across multiple seasons. The only thing stopping you now is yourself!

This boot is ideal for active anglers who desire to go further, reach previously unattainable areas and safely navigate swift currents, steep terrains or rocky slopes. These fast, agile and athletic wading boots are available in size 7-15 and weigh a mere 2lbs 14oz.

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