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Fly Tying Materials, Supplies and Tools

The Caddis Fly Shop offers prompt shipping on quality Fly Tying Materials, Supplies and Tools for USA and International customers.

Beginner or expert, we have the fly tying materials and supplies you are looking for. Need beads? How about Rooster Feathers? Our selection of Dubbing is immense and our Threads are suited to the most traditional and innovative tyer. We inventory the full line of Stonfo tying tools . We supply many of our customers with foam materials and cutting tools to tie freshwater and saltwater patterns. Traditional materials like hair and fur, synthetics, and Fly Tying vises are always in stock.

Why Purchase Fly Tying Materials and Supplies from the Caddis Fly Angling Shop?

We do more than simply inventory materials and supplies; we work with traditional and innovative products and are able to offer advice to help you select the most appropriate products for your individual fly tying needs. The Caddis Fly Shop stands ready to provide the highest quality fly tying materials and supplies for the full range of fresh and saltwater flies. Unsurpassed customer service. Our selection of fly tying materials, sets a high bar throughout the fly fishing industry. Our inventory is diverse and immense. If you are a beginner looking for Complete Fly Tying kits we have a great selection.

Rooster Feathers We believe that our supplies of rooster saddles and capes for fly tying and crafts is among the best in the USA.

Dubbing Dubbing is one of the core elements for the fly tyer, and we have a staggering array of natural and synthetic fiber Dubbing supplies in stock at all times.

Threads, Floss & Tinsel Our selection of threads, fly tying tinsel, fly tying flosses, and so on, is extensive and covers all the bases from traditional materials to the latest synthetics sure to suit both beginner and expert fly tyer.

Fly Tying Hooks Fly Tying hooks are the foundation of our craft and we offer the best in the industry.

Fly Tying Hair & Fur There are flies that just work best with a traditional hair or fur, like perhaps a good old bucktail or rabbit fur strip. Trust in our selection of these natural materials.

Fly Tying Tools We carry Dr Slick tools, Griffin, Loon and all sorts of brands of fly tying tools. These range from the thriftiest to the highly engineered and crafted Stonfo tools fly tying tools, the full range from entry level to the expert's choice.

Fly Tying beads? We stock fly tying beads, Foam cutters. Rest assured that we have a great selection of foam and foam cutters at the Caddis Fly Shop.