Get Ready for Summer Trout Fishing with new Tippet and Leader from Scientific Anglers and RIO.(details)
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Fly Tying Kits

We offer a diverse selection of Fly Tying Kits for the beginner and intermediate fly tyer. Fly Tying Kits from Hareline and Flymen Fly Fishing give fly Tyers options for entry and mastery.

All of the Hareline Fly Tyng Kits include a very concise and complete instruction manual that illustrates the basic tools of the trade and detailed photos and instructions regarding how to tie 20 of the best trout flies on the planet. Many of these same flies work for a wide variety of species in addition to trout and steelhead too. Hareline fly tying kits make wonderful gifts to anyone who is considering this intriguing and challenging craft.

The Hareline Fly Tying Kit is the great door-opener for people who want to purchase their own tools separately.

The Hareline Fly Tying Kit with Premium vise and tools contains the same materials and instruction booklet in the materials-only kit and in addition contains premium grade fly tying tools, mostly made in the USA and a very nice fly tying vise. This is a great choice for the beginning tyer because it has literally everyting needed to tie the 20 trout flies illustrated in the Instruction booklet..

Materials-only versus materials plus tools in your fly tying kit?

Two options of the Hareline fly tying kits offer a complete selection of the tools you will need to get started: one option includes imported economy tools and vise and the other option includes primarily USA made tools that are considered premium quality. Both tool and vise sets are entirely functional and will allow the beginner to get started tying all of the 20 trout flies illustrated in the excellent instruction booklet. That said, we usually suggest that most customers invest in the premium fly tying kit because the tools are a little nicer and will last a little longer than the economy version.

We've recently added the Flymen Game Changer and Surface Seducer tying kits which allow fly Tyers to dive into these incredibly innovative patterns without the cost associated with buying all of the materials in bulk. These kits come with everything one needs to tie several flies.