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Evolution Stonefly Prince Nymph Fly Tying Kit


This awesome Fly Tying Kit includes everything You Need To Tie 8 Stonefly Prince Nymphs. A next-generation stonefly pattern inspired by the classic Prince Nymph and enhanced with an Evolution Stonefly beadhead.

This Fly Tying Kit contains everything you need to tie 8 Stonefly Prince Nymphs, including step-by-step tying instructions, to make it easy for you to get your hands on the various needed fly tying materials all in one place.

Included Materials

Nymph-HeadŽ Evolution Stonefly tungsten beadheads KonaŽ Terrestrial Nymph Dry (TND) hooks

HarelineŽ Hare Ice Dubbing

Goose biots

Lead-free wire

Gold ribbing wire

Not included: Thread, glue, fly tying tools

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