New SAGE Sense Euro Nymphing Rods Now Available with Free Line. (details)
SAGE has introduced it's latest rod with a specific focus on Euro Nymphing. SAGE SENSE Rods have a fantastic action and are built with generation 5 graphite like the Sonic and Maverick models existing in the SAGE line up. During Covid 19 we have a fully staffed professional team to continue to provide you with the most outstanding customer service experience possible. Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with our orders and general market demand. We are aggressively stocking our store daily. Some orders are still going out at light speed but others may experience delays.

Bobbins for Fly Tying

The Caddis Fly Shop is your go-to source for a diverse selection of fly tying bobbins, bobbin threaders, and related tools - we have the largest selection of quality fly tying tools for the beginner and expert.

Stonflo Elite fly tying bobbin. The Stonfo Elite is among our favorite fly tying bobbins. Engineered in Italy, soft brushed finish, indestructible tube tip, comfortable thumb grip, and smooth adjustable tension knob on the side. Nice.

Nor-vise automatic fly tying bobbin. Norm Norlander got it right with this bobbin. It takes some getting comfortable with this bobbin, but the automatic retraction feature makes these bobbins very popular with our profession fly engineers.

Griffin fly tying bobbin. Griffin is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality fly tying tools that offer durability and modest price points. We inventory virtually all Griffin fly tying bobbins including he Griffin Ceramic bobbin in at least 3 sizes; Griffin Ceramic bass/saltwater bobbin; and the Griffin series of metal tube, novice-tyer bobbin.

Rite fly tying bobbin. This extensive series of fly tying bobbins by Rite is impressive, includes both ceramic and metal tube tips, standard, magnum, and their "hell for stout" model; all Rite bobbins feature adjustable thread tension knobs at the side of the bobbin spool.

Dr. Slick fly tying bobbins. Dr Slick is among the inner circle of fly tying tools experts. We offer the Dr Slick titanium bobbin, and Dr. Slick Ceramic bobbin. Not much more need be said about Dr. Slick, because their reputation speaks volumes for their dedication to function, appearance, and durability of their fly tying tools.

Eco fly tying bobbins. This bobbin is thrifty and sturdy.

Renzetti fly tying Bobbin. Renzetti produces great fly tying bobbins and we usually inventory the LWire & tinsel bobbin; Long tube midge bobbin; midge ruby tip bobbin, standard ruby tip bobbin, and standard ruby tip bobbin. Nice selection of Renzetti bobbins.

Tiemco Ceramic Fly Tying Bobbin. Traditional style, durable ceramic tio, nice fit in the hand. These Tiemco fly tying bobbins are durable, finely engineered, and will please any fly tyer.

We invite you to give one of our fly tying bobbins a drive; there is a great tool here for every fly tyer in the universe.