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Stonfo Elite Bobbin

Stonfo Elite Bobbin: Fly Tying Bobbins & Tools

Oh my gosh, this Stonfo Elite Bobbin is a gem about to be discovered. Some of our Caddis Fly Pro staff fly tying gurus have been tying with this Stonfo Elite Bobbin and - guess what they are saying? The Stonfo Elite bobbin is wowie good. OK, we realize that this sort of endorsement is a little vague, so we asked them what they meant, and here are some of the great things they said in their product review of the Stonfo Elite Bobbin.

1. The Stonfo Elite Bobbin is sleek.

2. The Stonfo Elite Bobbin is engineered in Italy, for goodness sake. Really? Need to check on the veracity of this point. Yep. Italy. Looks like Stonfo is going to give MP a go for the fly tying bobbin hall of fame. Ha ha.

3. The Stonfo Elite Bobbin has a genuinely fine tunable (adjustable) tension adjustment. This means one can adjust thread tension from very light to very heavy, as one wishes. Nice.

4. Number three is a big deal. We have many very good fly tying bobbins that, owing to their standard design, require us to squeeze them together or pry them apart to adjust the tension. Then we also find it best for us to palm the fly tying bobbin to put a little more or a little less tension on it, depending on the thread we happen to be using.

Not with the Stonfo elite bobbin. No sir. The Stonfo Elite Bobbin has a tension nob that is discretely designed to apply tension in very finely adjustable increments and allows us to easily make sure that we have just the proper tension on our thread, WITHOUT having to pry the bobbin frame apart and guess at the right amount of spring we should add or remove.

5. The Stonfo elite bobbin is light.

6. The Stonfo Bobbin has a really well thought out juncture where we grasp it between thumb and forefinger. This really feels good. Really, it is different than standard bobbins and we like the feel of the Stonfo elite.

7. The thread tube of the Stonfo elite Bobbin is fine, smooth, and has some sort of super high tech insert so that it will last a loooooooong time and most likely NEVER wear out from thread friction. We hooked up our fly tying thread to a Crop Duster and held the Stonfo at a 90 degree angle to the plane's flight path and let rip. Result? No thread groove in the tube.

8. That test drive on the Crop duster is a complete fabrication, just for fun.

9. This Stonfo Elite Bobbin is engineered of stainless steel and it is smooth and not so shiny that the glare from our fly tying lamp makes us squint.

10. The Stonfo Elite bobbin looks good, performs under speed tying conditions, is easy to thread, feels really comfortable in our hand, and helps us tie GREAT FLIES, all this plus being easily and precisely adjustable.

Stonfo Elite Bobbin: Fly Tying Bobbins & Tools

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