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Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Series


Tiemco Ceramic Bobbins offer consistent performance on the fly tying bench. TMC bobbins and comfortable in hand and easy on your thread. We have found the ceramic tube to resist "grooving" like many metal tubed bobbins.

. This series of ceramic tubed fly tying bobbins is offered by Tiemco and is among our most traditional style and nostalgic favorites based on both dependability, durability, and functional simplicity. Uh-oh, that was more than two reasons. No matter, Tiemco ceramic fly tying bobbins are good stuff and many of our consumers and pro fly tyers demand these beauties day in and day out.

The 4 basic styles are self descriptive: straight ceramic tubes in standard or heavy duty, and an offset bobbin in standard or stout duty construction. Count on these bobbins to perform all day every day

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