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SMHAEN Bobbin Holder


The SMHAEN Bobbin is one of the most well engineered and user-friendly bobbins we have ever seen.

The company name SMHAEN is an abbreviation of the CEO and founders name, Stig M. Hansen.

The SMHAEN Bobbin has a perfectly balanced weight and ergonomic grips, so even before you make a single thread wrap you will feel how perfect this bobbin holds in your hand.

We have had no problems at all with fraying thread with this bobbinŐs ceramic tip after an extended period of use.

This is a very durable fly tying tool; the mechanics are all incredibly sound and well engineered for a lifetime of usage. The tension dial in the middle of the bobbin is used to interchange spools of thread as well as reach your desired tension during tying. Increasing or decreasing tension is achieved simply by turning the wheel one way or another. There is an extremely wide range of tension, from very easy and loose to so strong that if you pull any harder youŐll simply snap your thread. This versatility is fantastic not only for tying, but also for fitting different spool sizes. To change spools of thread, loosen the dial completely until the bobbin is at its widest point, insert your spool, and tighten until the spool is locked in place and your desired tension is achieved. Make sure the thread is laying over the tension nut and thread it through the ceramic tube.

Capacity: This bobbin is suitable for spools between 2.8 cm and 3.35 cm in length and a maximum spool diameter of 2.5 cm. It is not recommended to use thread types such as Kevlar, Dacron, steel wire and braided thread.

This is certainly not a cheap bobbin but you get what you pay for. It is incredibly well designed and built to last for a very long time.

Midge Bobbin: Weighs 17 g, approx. 3.5 Inches. Standard Bobbin: Weighs 19 g, approx. 4 Inches.

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