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NORVISE Automatic Fly Tying Bobbin and Bobbin Kit


NORVISE Automatic Fly Tying Bobbin Kit: Free shipping and no sales tax from the caddis fly shop.

This Nor-vise automatic bobbin is offered in a set or kit and this combo provides a great way to get started and learn the wonders of Mr. Norlander's amazing magical automatic bobbin. This set, wonderously and amazingly, includes an Automatic Bobbin (the tube of this bobbin is ceramic and may just be similar to the same quality of materials used in shielding space ships fro the sunÍs devastating radiation), three spare precisely machined aluminum spools (if you count the spool on the automatic bobbin there is a total of four spools) a spooling Arbor that serves to load your thread onto the aluminum spool. Guess what? For this amazing price you also get written instructions! Imagine that.

Listen; can you hear the voice in your head? This Norlander automatic bobbin might seem like a gimmick. It is the real deal. This bobbin will probably frustrate you for a day while you become accustomed to securing the thread. During this time the thread will retract automatically into the bobbin and you will need to re-thread it. We lived through this period and came out on the other side as positively faithful adherents to the Norlander Nor-Vise Automatic fly tying bobbin. This little gizzie really enhances the joy of tying flies. This Nor-Vise automatic bobbin completely eliminates the necessity of having to roll your thread up on a normal bobbin so as to reduce the gap between hook shank and bobbin tube mouth. If you understood that well good for you, because we did not. But we do know that this automatic bobbin really is fun. So much fun that one of our pro-tyers ditched 90% of the considerable number of perfectly good regular and fancy fly tying bobbins he had purchased and went out and bought himself just over a dozen of these nice slick Norm Norlander Nor-Vise Automatic bobbins for his fly tying pleasure. He did this so that he could have every possible thread color and size ready to rock at an instantÍs notice and now he is happy. You could be happy too, if you simply purchase a dozen of these Norm Norlander Nor-vise Automatic bobbins for your personal fly-tying booty-stash.

BTW, the term automatic means that the thread will retract all by itself using a spring-loaded mechanism in the center of the spool. A clutch prevents excessive tension build-up. We find these bobbins very fantastically positively happily useful on all but the finest fly tying threads. For the super fine stuff, it is probably best to use a standard bobbin, although Norm can probably finesse use of 12/0 threads with these Automatic bobbins, we just go down to Danvilles 6/0, Uni 8/0, or Lagartun 74 D threads.