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Fly Tying Vises

Review of Vises for Fly Tying - All Brands

The Caddis Fly offers a stunning selection of fly tying vises and accessories to suit beginner, intermediate, and commercial grade fly tyer. We stock the fly vises and supplies that our tyers and customers use and recommend, including Dyna-King, Renzetti, HMH, Thompson, Griffin, Zephyr, and the innovative Nor-Vise line.

Our selection of Dyna-King fly tying vises is extensive and includes the Barracuda Vise; Barracuda Junior vise; Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe vise; Dyna-King Kingfisher vise; and the Dyna-King Barracuda Vise complete fly tying package.

Renzetti vises include the Renzetti Presentation 4000 Series, the Presentation 2000 Series, the 2200 Series Traveler vise, and the Renzetti Apprentice Vise.

Our extensive Nor-Vise fly tying tool and supplies selection includes the Nor-Vise; Large-In-line Conversion; Fine Point Conversion; Tube Fly Conversion; the Automatic Bobbin; the Automatic Bobbin Kit; Nor-Vise Mounting Board; the Nor-Vise Travel Case, Nor-Vise Table Clamps, and more.

Griffin Fly Tying Vise. Griffin fly tying vises include the Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise, the Griffin Montana Pro Vise, and the Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise.

Thompson fly tying vises include the Thompson Model A Vise and the Thompson Pro Vise.

HMH vises include the HMH Tube Spinner Vise; the HMH Spartan Vise; The HMH Standard Bench Vise.

Other fly tying vises that have proved effective and functional at economical prices include the Zephyr Spring Vise, the Hareline HMX SX Pedestal; The Hareline Super AA; the Terra True Rotary Vise; The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise, the Terra Deluxe Master Vise, and the Stonfo C-clamp FlyLab vise.

Need some vise accessories in a hurry? We have these too. Trash bags. Trash bins (classy bags). Bobbin hangars. Pedestal bases. Cool little hook holders that fit on the stem of your vise. Spare jaws for vises. If you dont see it here, call or email, we probably have a stack in the back room that we forgot to list in the catalog. Yeah, it has happened, so call if you have questions.