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Peak Non-Rotary Vise


The PEAK Non-Rotary Vise is an inexpensive yet durable and functional vise.

All PEAK products are proudly and skillfully made in the USA.

The PEAK Non-Rotary Vise is the product of recommendations by consumers who loved the PEAK Rotary Vise but wanted a simple, high-quality, inexpensive Non-Rotary Vise. This Non-Rotary Vise features the same clamping system as the dependable Rotary Vise; however, this vise has a slightly smaller base and it is overall lighter in weight compared to PEAKÕs other vises, making it great for travel. It also disassembles completely flat for ease of transport.

One of our favorite aspects of PEAK vises is their versatility in fly tying. The standard jaws will hold hooks of wire diameter up to .044 inches (2/0) and as small as you can imagine. Therefore, you can tie large saltwater flies, and midge patterns with the same ease using the same vise. However, PEAK does sell midge jaws and saltwater jaws for this Non-Rotary Vise that are specialized jaws for hook sizes in those categories.

This vise can accommodate all PEAK vise accessories except for the Material Clip. Accessories from other manufacturers are also compatible with this vise as long as they can mount to a 3/8Ó diameter riser shaft. The pedestal base of this vise has an additional hole for PEAKÕs accessory shaft, which is sold separately.

Overall, this is an incredibly versatile vise that is of the highest quality but it wont burn a hole in your wallet. PEAK offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship.

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