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Peak Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base or C-Clamp


The PEAK Rotary Vise is designed to be the vise for all of your fly tying needs.

It is efficient, functional, versatile, and insanely easy to adjust.

First of all, PEAK carefully selects the materials of their vises so that they can last a lifetime. That is why this vise is constructed with stainless steel, brass, tool steel, and aircraft aluminum. The jaws are hardened and tempered to hold a vast range of hook sizes in place, from 2/0 to as small as you can find.

Rotary Features: The rotation resistance is adjusted via a screw that provides a massive range of adjustment and can be easily adjusted by right or left handed tiers. Rotary Vises make tying so much easier because you can adjust the position of the fly however you would like and make sure you are satisfied with how the fly is tied from all angles.

The PEAK Rotary Vise is available in two different options:

Pedestal Base: Adjusting this versatile rotary vise is incredibly easy and its sturdy pedestal base will hold the vise in place wherever you set it. The pedestal also has non-marking feet on the bottom to protect the surface you are tying on (kitchen table, desk top, etc.)

Some other features of the pedestal-style of vise include an integrated bead/hook divot in the middle of the pedestal so you can keep those materials in there for storage and easy access while tying. The pedestal also features two accessory post mounting holes to accommodate PEAK tying accessories. A height and length adjustable bobbin cradle is included with this vise. The steel pedestal base is powder coated which makes for an incredibly durable surface.

C-Clamp: The other option with the PEAK Rotary Vise is the C-Clamp mount. The lower rabbeted jaws have a grip range from 2.25”-11/16”. The jaws ride on precise guide rods, which means that the jaw faces will always be parallel, ensuring a solid connection to whatever surface you attach it. The parallel faces also mean your table will not be damaged from a rotating clamp screw, which used to be the common attachment point of “clamp” style vises. The deep rabbeted jaws engage even rounded tables, and this deep connection makes it so your vise will not rock while tying. This clamp is compatible with PEAK’s accessory post.

Both options with the Rotary Vise can be dissembled and packed flat for easy transport and travel.

All PEAK products are proudly made in the USA. PEAK offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship.

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