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For nearly 50 years we have been supplying fly tiers with high quality supplies to create fish catching flies. It all starts with fly tying thread. Make sure you have a good stock of the right thread for the job in 2024!

Smhaen Master Dubbing Twister


The SMHAEN Master dubbing twister is the only dubbing twister in the world with a 100% dubbing loop control system. It is a modern designed tool, but still a classic fly tying dubbing twister. Whether you are a beginner or a professional fly tyer, the dubbing twister delivers maximum dubbing loop control. With a small squeeze, the loop can be opened and closed again, whenever needed.

Thanks to the perfectly balanced design, the master dubbing twister will always spin the materials smoothly and tight. The open and closing technique, simply gives the fly tyers new possibilities in their fly tying. The built in plier means that you can achieve stronger bodies and do more complex and difficult dubbing techniques.

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