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SMHAEN Half-hitch Tool w/Cutter


SMHAEN Half-hitch Tool w Cutter

Finish all your flies with elegance and ease. Three Sizes to choose from.

More from Smhaen:

"- Integrated spring affected cutter

- The cutter can be replaced with a spare part cutter

- Perfectly balanced weight

- Large diameter on the Half hitch tool makes it easier

- Available in three different sizes

- Ergonomic to hold on to

- Lies perfectly in your hand"

Regular, Red.

26gram. 121 mm. Hook size approx. #8 to #16 Hole diameter. 2.3 mm Midge, Blue.

26 gram. 121 mm Hook size approx. #14 to #26 Hole diameter. 1.3 mm Large, Green.

27 gram. 121 mm Hook size approx. #4/0 to #10 Hole diameter. 3.6 mm

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