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NORVISE Bamboo Mounting Board


NORVISE Bamboo Mounting Board. Free shipping and no sales tax from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Norm Norlander tells us that it is practical to simply find some friendly contractor who has just cut out the space to install a sink in a counter, talk this contractor into giving us the cut out piece, and mount the vise on the cut out after drilling a few holes in it.

Nonsense, we say. Mr. Norlander is much more skilled at finding sink-installing contractors than we, and he is better at drilling holes in such pieces of Formica covered plywood than we. Simply, Mr. Norlander was smart enough to invent this Nor-Vise fly tying vise so of course he is a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

For us fishing, fly tying, fumblefingers, however, it is well worth the few bucks to buy the space age plastic mounting board.

No doubt about it. Buy this mounting board. Unless, of course, you possess actual hole drilling abilities, or have a few dining room tables to drill these holes in.

This high tech mounting board has the holes just where they belong, has non-skid doo-dads on the bottom of it, and is ready to rock. The mounting board is a tasteful off-white color that will nicely highlight your fly materials and is easy on the eyes. It also has a nice little recessed depression that will keep Hareline Pseudo eyes corralled and ready for use.