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Norvise Fly Tying Lamp Magnifier


The New for 2020 NORVISE fly tying Lamp Magnifier has some improved features to make your fly tying more visible and enjoyable.

We all enjoy the ability to see our work well at the vise. The NORVISE lamp clamps onto the thread post and provides both light and a center magnifying glass. This product fits perfectly and will serve you well. 4.3inch diameter outer frame, effective magnifying diameter is 3.5 inches providing a large visible working area. We use an 3 X magnifying lens, no deformation, no discoloring, scratch resistant, and you wont get dizzy when viewing through the glass for a long time.

How does it mount? You remove the thread holder screw, slide the lamp base down as far as you wish onto the thread post; lock it in with the supplied hex wrench, and then reattach the thread holder at the top of the post.

How powerful is the magnifier? 3X makes it easy to see the fine details.

DURABLE GOOSENECK: High-grade, all metal gooseneck providing a 360 degree, all around adjustment.

LED operates with needing converters?Just plug it into any 110 or 220 v wall socket.

Power source for the lamp? Just plug it into any wall socket. The cord

Light properties? Cool white, natural outdoor light; virtually no heat; no shadows; a great overall fly tying light.

Note please: close the cover on the magnifier when you are not using it! Letís not take chances that a magnifier left out in sunshine could smoke your fly tying bench, thank you.

Operates on batteries and RV batteries. From hours to days, this lamp is versatile.

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