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NORVISE In-Line Fly Tying Vise - Tools vises


NORVISE tools and vises are in stock and ready to ship with no sales tax and free shipping from the Caddis Fly Shop.

In-Line Fly Tying Vise - Tools vises

The NORVISE is provided with Small In-Line Jaws and includes a matching Thread Post,

mounting bolts to secure the vise and thread post, clearly written operating and set-up instructions, an alien wrench (now that was a great movie, yes), and a one hour instructional video featuring Mr. Norm Norlander hisself, which will wow your socks off.

Here is the centerline concept, for folks who are not familiar with this engineering genius. The Nor-Vise works so well because the vise operator takes decisive action to position the hook straight down the barrel of the centerline of rotation. Then the fly tyer rotates the silly fly hook and the thread just winds itself around the hook shank instead of the old manner of fly tying in which one has to hand over hand wrap a zillion million times to cover the hook with thread and all sorts of fancy and expensive fly tying materials.

The Nor-Vise fly tying vise, invented by Mr. smarty-pants Norm Norlander, is a wonder to behold. Oh relax now, we can say this in good natured jokingness because we personally know Norm Norlander of fly tying vise fame and he is one fine gentleman who has put up with our general ignorance regarding the obvious refinements of the Nor-Vise fly tying vise and the automatic Nor-bobbin fly tying bobbin and was patient enough for us to learn just how good his Nor-Vise is, and - - - -

Point is, the Nor-Vise fly tying vise is fantastic and we simply wish that we had learned about it years sooner than we did. Here is a little history. A fellow fly tyer was using a Nor-Vise several decades ago and offered to let one of our Caddis Fly staff give it a try. This person, who prefers to remain semi anonymous, gracefully declined the offer.

BIG MISTAKE. When said slow learner finally did try first, the Nor-bobbin, and second, the Nor-Vise, he was zowied flat out _ so impressed with the quality of the Nor-Vise and the ease of use, that he felt genuinely sad to have not tried it when first given the chance.

The Nor-Vise fly tying vise has been improved and perfected over those several decades, but at its essential core, it remains a totally logical yet surprisingly easy fly tying vise for every fly tyer, beginner to advanced, to tie flies with. Without going into boring details that you can do without, the Nor-Vise is stuffed with cool ball bearings, machined brass, solid steel, and could even have some sorry of proprietary secret nuclear power source hidden in its guts. Who is to say, really.

Serious information about the Nor-Vise fly tying vise. The Nor-vise jaws hold fly tying hooks securely. The jaws hold bait hooks securely. The jaws would hold your nose securely if you pinched it in there.

Serious. The Nor-Vise really works. We joke around because we tie with it. Check out the several thousand fly tying videos by Jay Nicholas and watch him use a Nor-Vise 90% of the time. This Nor-Vise is not a gimmick that can only be used by Mr. Norm Norlander, it can be used by average persons like Mr. Jay Nicholas too!

The Nor-Vise allows normal people to make nice smooth tapered bodies, wind on hackle, rib flies with tinsel, cover hook shanks with thread, dub natural and synthetic materials, and the like, with lightning-like rapidity. OK, maybe not as fast as lightning, but still, the Nor-Vise is so honestly helpful that Mr. Nicholas has just about exclusively transitioned to the Nor-Vise. He does keep his trusty Regal fly tying vise also because it is way superior for tying on Waddington Shanks, and his Dyna King, because it is spot-on for tying with the HMH Tube fly Adaptor and for mindless cranking out of 2/0 Gamakatsu Jigs.

Your Nor-Vise can be used with a smaller or larger set of jaws that Norm refers to as vise conversions. Since we tie every hook from size #18 to #20, we are good to go with the standard set of jaws that is provided with the Nor-Vise.

Gaze into the computer screen. You want a Nor-Vise. You need a Nor-vise. And you also must try a Nor-Vise mechanical Bobbin. You feel a craving for tying flies that can only be satiated with a Nor-Vise. ThatÍs it. You are moving your mouse to position the little pointy arrow over the BUY NOW button. Click the mouse. You will feel better if you do.

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