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Dyna-King Excalibur Vise


The Dyna-King Excalibur Vise is the newest addition to the very popular Dyna-King Barracuda Series.

If you enjoy tying with Dyna-King’s Barracuda or their new angled shaft, you will love the Excalibur Vise.


Now with additional angle adjustment at the end of the spindle, the jaw head will also adjust up and down as well allowing it to rotate 360 degrees, which allows for incredible hook accessibility and tying versatility.

With Dyna-King’s new bobbin mount design, the bobbin mount can now be positioned left to right, or up and down.

Dyna-King designed this vise with a ‘freely rotating body.’ This allows users to rotate 360 degrees easily or align your hook shank at the axis of rotation.

A 90-degree handle extension adds ease to your rotary tying.

This vise is available in 4 different bearing house color options and with either a clamp or pedestal base.

This vise ships free anywhere in the USA from the Caddis Fly Angling Shop.

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