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Revolution Series Regal Fly Tying Vise With Base


Regal Revolution Series Traditional Jaw - Model 200-10T: This Regal Fly Tying Vise offers a full rotary function in the Regal we have come to love over decades of use: pure center axis rotation and unbeatable hook holding power.

We stock most of these quality vises and they are ready to ship SAME DAY with NO SALES TAX.

This Regal Vise offers the fully rotational function many fly tyers have come to prefer, coupled with the ease and complete security knowing a hook is there to stay, secure in the Traditional Jaw and Bronze Pocket Pedestal Base.

If you tie flies between #22 and #1/0, and if you want the true center axis rotation function, this is your regal vise. Brace yourself, this is a strikingly beautiful, highest quality fly tying vise.

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