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Dyna King Ultimate Indexer Vise


The Dyna King Ultimate Indexer gives the fly tyer the ability to rotate, angle and postion your hook/fly in a multitude of ways.

The Ultimate indexer has brass and stainless steel parts. It's innovative "angle adjustment shaft can be tilted up or down to maximize your tying and viewing options. The bobbin mount "design swivel" mount allows the bobbin hanger (included) to move along with your vise to find the perfect position. The 90 degree handle extension makes rotary functions a piece of cake. The "indexing feature" allows the Ultimate Indexer to be rotated to one of eight stopping points to aid in curing or applying epoxy or UV glues.

Dyna King fly tying vise jaws utilize a forcing cone and locking cam to reliably hold hooks sizes #8/0-22. High quality precision machining, the best stainless steel and a wide adjustment range make Dyna King one of our best selling fly tying vises.

Available in C-Clamp and pedestal models. Indexing feature may be removed by taking out the knurled brass indexing knob on your vise.

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