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Simms Rain Coats, Wading Jackets, Guide Coats & Vests

We can deliver the latest models of Simms fly fishing rain jackets, guide coats, rainwear & rain gear.

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Guide Reviews from Caddis Fly Pro Staff on Simms wading coats, rainwear, jackets, outerwear and layering clothing

Top products for Sale. Our most functional and popular Simms Outerwear products is the Headwaters Gore-Tex Jacket, which is an excellent blend of weather protection and value. Our most experienced and demanding clients, guides included, often select either the G4 Pro Jacket or the G3 Guide Jacket for their top-end performance qualities. The always reliable and tough Simms Guide Jacket remains a solid performer, and the versatile on-water and around-town Rogue Fleece Hoody is a relatively new Simms Product that we wear and recommend to all of our temperate weather customers.

Why wear Simms Rain and Wading Jackets, Coats, and Rainwear? The entire array of Simms rain jackets and rain gear is unsurpassed in terms of on the water functionality, quality, durability, and value. Simms Technical Outerwear keeps us on the water in some of the nastiest winter weather the Northwest, Midwest, Montana, Idaho, and Great Lakes region can throw at us.

Simms Rain Coats meet demanding conditions. Simms technical outerwear and layering clothing is designed for and field-tested by fishing professionals who spend a huge proportion of their year on the water under the most demanding weather conditions. Think about fly fishing guides who may book 200-300 days each year on their home waters. These men and women are out there in sun, rain, snow, ice, heat, wind, hail, and whatever nature throws at them. We hope they stay off the water if lighting is close, but who knows?

Simms Fit and Function. Simms has earned the finest reputation in the world of passionate fly fishing anglers for offering gear and clothing that fits, stands up to the wear-and tear around boats, gravel bars, coral flats, and rain forests, even the high desert too. Point here is that each piece of Simms gear we offer has been field tested by all shapes and sizes of men and women who fish for a living, who guide others fishing, or who live to fish. If you purchase Simms rain coats, Simms Gore-Tex jackets, Simms outerwear, of any manner of Simms clothing - you will receive durable, high quality, good fit, and excellent warranty service, it is just that simple.

Caddis Fly Staff Recommendation. Our professional staff here at the Caddis Fly Shop wear Simms wading coats and jackets. We wear Simms outerwear, rainwear, and layering gear by Simms. That is why we are so confident when we recommend Simms coats, jackets, and rainwear to our customers, because of our personal experience with the entire array of Simms fly fishing products.

Simms Tropical clothing and fly fishing gear. While Simms is best known here in the Pacific Northwest for cloting and gear used by trout, salmon, and steelhead anglers, Simms isalso a well respected member of the high temperature climes, whether fishing for bass actoss North or South America, Bondfish and Permit in the Tropics, or Stripers off the East Coast. You name the environment and the Continent, and Simms Fly Fishing provides excellent outerwear and layering closing to suit any conditions.