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Simms Fly Fishing Waders

All Simms, all day, every day. Thatís one of our mottos here at the Caddis Fly Shop. Why? It is because Simms waders for men, women, and youth, like all the Simms fishing clothing and gear, are designed for us fly fishing enthusiasts, and is offered in a great variety of fit options offering something in the way of comfort that suits us all, from the short to the tall, the slim to the full figured men and women. Simms waders, too, offer a wide variety of stock sizes, womenís wader sizing, and custom fit options.

Caddis Pro Staff Reviews of Simms Fly Fishing Waders.

Given an anglerís different preferences, budgets, and idiosyncrasies, we also offer waders by Patagonia, waders by Redington, and sometimes, waders by Dan Bailey. Given our first choice in waders, we recommend and wear Simms waders, unless product allegiance, fit of the waders, product availability, waders price comparison, or a friendís wader recommendation steers a customerís interest in a different direction. What makes Simms waders such a primary focus of our personal wader choice and recommendation?

For one, Simms focuses on fishing wear, rather than on outdoor clothing in general. Patagonia, for example, makes very good waders and is an outstanding outdoor gear producer (check out their Great Divider, for instance). But we believe that Simms dedication to fishing products gives them an edge in the fly fishing waders, the lightweight wader, and the wader pant, plus wading boots, and fly fishing clothing and gear department for delivering to the angler in general and to the fly fisher specifically.

Waders repair and wader warranty repair? Simms provides unsurpassed service if an angler rips his or her waders on a barbed wire fence or beer can opener. We have a long term relationship with Simms and their reps. Simms waders perform day in and day out.

The range of wader styles and fits offered by Simms speaks to the passion Simms has for their fly fishing wading jackets, wader design and manufacturing quality in this niche product market. Simms G4Z waders, Simms G4 Pro waders, Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders, Simms headwaters Stockingfoot waders, Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot Pant, Simms Womenís Headwaters Stockingfoot waders, Simms custom fit waders, and Simms Custom Boot Foot waders Ė think of it, gaze in wonderment at the variety of wader styles offered by Simms.

Regardless of the Simms waders you are interested in, we can help you select sizes, wader features, and cost options; just give us a call or send an email and allow us to help find the waders perfect for your needs.

Oh yeah, one last thought: consider shipping for your new Simms fly fishing waders that is free and no sales taxes in Oregon. Wow! The free shipping alone makes the price of these ultra fine Simms waders go down!