New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

Simms Replacement Laces


Assorted Colors. Laces don't last forever get your Simms Replacement Laces today!

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Replacement laces for wading boots? Oh yeah. We have actually worn out our laces. Simms wading boots last and last, but the abrasive properties of sand and gravel swirling around our boots can do the job on our laces. We carry a spare set of these replacement laces on every trip, every time, close to home or far away, just in case we need one. Our buddies might have a spare, but we know it will cost stream-side prices if it comes down to that, so we plan ahead. Go with the Simms Replacement Laces.

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