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Korkers BuckSkin Mary Wading Boot


The Korkers BuckSkin Mary Boot is the most comfortable and durable boot designed for women on the market today.

Specifically catered and designed for the female anglerÕs foot, the BuckSkin Mary is the definitive choice for women anglers across the globe.

The Korkers BuckSkin Mary Boot is a fast drying boot because it is constructed with hydrophobic upper materials. Fast drying materials mean this boot will stay in better condition for longer but it also means that it dries quicker; therefore, there is less opportunity for aquatic invasive species to be transplanted from one place to another. The BuckSkin Mary Boot is incredibly durable as well: it has RockGuard outer abrasion resistant materials, a scratch rubber toe cap and side panels for added protection against any obstacles Mother Nature throws your way. Traditional lace system is constructed with non-corrosive hardware and a heel lock keeps your foot stable and in place. Available in womenÕs sizes 5-11.

Traction: OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System. This boot can be purchased with two different sole options out of the box, but you can also purchase any variety of extra sole for this boot from Korkers as well.

When water enters the boot, it flows out of midsole ports, which reduces the weight you carry with you into and out of the water. When dry, this boot weighs 2lbs 15 ounces.

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