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Nautilus X Series Fly Fishing Reels


The Nautilus X Frame Fly Fishing reel has a sleek, open-frame design featuring Nautilus’ sealed Teflon SCF-X disc drag technology. It is also very reasonably priced.

This reel was the winner of the 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer show Best of Show for both freshwater and saltwater reels. Not much more to be said, is there? We’ll tell you more anyway:

The most noticeable change is the updated X Frame design. The back of the reel has two strong beams, forming an X shape, which protect the reel and rim where it contacts the ground, or any other surface. This greatly increases the reels already durable design, and the highly ported open frame can be palmed from many different points around the reel.

Lets talk drag. SCF-X sealed drag with a Teflon and carbon fiber disc drag system. Drag adjustable via the large drag knob on the back of the reel.

The updated design of this reel increases spool strength by 35%. The spool is Nautilus’ award winning Giga arbor frame design. Its lighter than any spool they’ve ever made. For more information on the technology of the reel, see the above picture.


XS or 3/4

Reel has a 3.25” spool and capacity for a 3wt and 100yds or a 4wt and 85 yards of 20 lb. backing.

XM or 4/5

Reel has a 3.5” spool and capacity for a 4wt and 130 or a 5wt and 105 yards of 20 lb. backing.

XL 6/7

Reel has 4” spool and capacity for a 6wt and 175 or a 7wt and 150yds of 20-30 lb. backing.

XL MAX 8/9

Reel has 4” spool and capacity for a 8wt and 175 or a 9wt and 150yds of 20-30 lb. backing.

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