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Mastery Anadro Nymph Fly Line


Scientific Anglers ANADRO NYMPH fly lines are designed to cast indicators and multiple nymph/egg flies; the extended rear taper allows superior line mending throughout your drift.

SA Mastery ANADRO NYMPH fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This ANADRO NYMPH fly line performs well on switch rods too, just choose the 6 wt line for your 5 wt switch rod, (one line size over rod class) and so forth, for the proper line match.

Summary of key Mastery ANADRO NYMPH fly line features:

* High visibility marker at front of head helps track your drift.

* Designed for the temperate and cold waters where trout, salmon, and steelhead are your quarry.

* A full floater with a long rear taper for line control - this line is overweighted 1.5 sizes from traditional line class.

* This powerful taper is well suited to casting nymphs and indicators plus mending during the drift.

* Fish this line from a raft, drift boat or gravel bar effectively.

* Head length: 60 ft

* Overall line length: 100 ft.

* Line weights offered: WF4 to WF10

* Mastery ANADRO NYMPH fly lines are clearly labeled with front and rear loops.

* Braided multifilament core stays supple in cold water.

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