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Spey Lite Skagit Floating Head


Scientific Anglers SPEY LITE SKAGIT FLOATING HEAD fly lines are fantastic lines for use with light two handers and single hand fly rods - capable of turning over sink tips and weighted flies under tight casting quarters. Trout, steelhead, and bass are all on the menu for this line.

SA SPEY LITE SKAGIT FLOATING HEAD fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SPEY LITE SKAGIT FLOATING HEAD is an ultra short Skagit head that will allow you to cast with brush, trees, and rocks close behind.

Summary of SPEY LITE SKAGIT FLOATING HEAD fly line features:

* This line must be fished with an added tip, matched to the head weight. The lightest heads require relatively light SONAR sink tips, the heavier heads support 8 ft or 10 ft sink tips of modest density.

* This Skagit head is a full floater.

* Pale blue color.

* Designed for the temperate and cold climates.

* Line length: N/A - this is a short shooting head line.

* Head length: 11.0 ft at 150 gr up to 21.0 ft at 420 gr.

* Line weights offered: 150 gr - 420 gr increasing in 30 gr increments.

* SA LITE SKAGIT Floating HEAD fly lines are built on a braided multifilament core.

* The line incorporates front and rear welded loops, with a black marker at the rear of the head.

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