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RIO Elite Trout Spey Line


RIO Integrated Elite Trout Spey line is new for Fall of 2022. This version of the Elite Trout Spey is made with a low stretch core and super slick finish.

The RIO Integrated Elite Trout Spey line is an easy casting short head spey line that gives anglers a wide “sweet spot” for casting 2-5wt trout spey rods. This line can be used for single handed rods with a 3 line weight bump. Elite Integrated Trout Spey heads have a 23ft head and a total length of 100ft.

Each line is built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch Connectcore Plus for maximum sensitivity and has a seamlessly integrated running line for ease of use. SlickCast from RIO makes this the smoothest and best shooting integrated trout spey line around. Attach regular mono leaders, Trout Versileaders and poly leaders for your terminal end.

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