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Sage Spey Reel


New for 2024 the Sage Spey Reel has enhanced balance, improved drag system, and fine-tuned features designed specifically for the anadromous angler.

The Sage Spey Reel is available in three sizes to cover a range of two-handed lines from 5-10 weight. SCS Sealed Carbon Fiber Drag is improved upon with two key evolutions: newly formulated O-rings seals and custom dual-clicker. Additionally, a one-revolution drag knob has twenty, numbered drag settings with half detents, allowing for precise, consistent, and replicable drag settings.

The Sage Spey Reel frame and spool focus on balancing anglers spey set ups for max performance. Strategic porting makes for ideal weights to balance longer rods. The reels foot has been adjusted from an exact center position to better align with the center of mass of the reels themselves. Finely machined radiused edges prevent line kinking, line memory or compromised leaders and tippets.

The Sage Spey Reel has a classic look with modern anodized finish for a lifetime of use. Two color ways Granite and Black, Granite matches the new R8 Spey rods perfectly.

MODEL 5/6/7 Weight: 9.44 oz Width: 1.69 Diameter: 3.94 Capacity: Maximum 550gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb Backing

MODEL 6/7/8 Weight: 10.31 oz Width: 1.75 Diameter: 4.19 Capacity: 600gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 150yds/30lb Backing

MODEL 8/9/10 Weight: 11.25 oz Width: 1.81 Diameter: 4.56 Capacity: 725gr Skagit Head + 100ft SL + 200yds/30lb Backing

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