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OPST Commando Skagit Sink Tips


OPST Commando Tips complement your Commando Heads and are very effective across a wide range of fishing conditions.

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Anglers fishing with sustained anchor style Skagit casts will appreciate the versatility of these Commando Tips.

This is true whether you happen to have a Commando Head rigged on your rod or not. Ed ward is the designer behind these Commando tips and Ed is well known as an innovator, angler of vast experience, and general all around gentleman who has advanced the art of steelhead fly angling by leaps and bounds with his flies, casting style, and line designs.

OPST Commando Tip Length: 12 ft.

General composition: T8, T11, and T14

Rod match (illustrative): T8 with rods 2 to 6; T11 with rods 5 to 8; and T14 with rods 7 to 10.

Tip weights: T8 at 96 gr; T11 at 132 gr; and T14 at 168 gr.

Within each tip weight, there are three progressively faster sink rates:

Riffle is the slowest sink rate, generally 2 to 3 ips.

Run is moderate sink rate, generally 3 to 6 ips.

Bucket is the fastest sink in each tip series, generally 5 to 9 ips.

The tips come with two sink rates- the back half of the tip is a slower sink than the front half, for a more level sink to the fly.

96 Grain, 12 ft (T8) 132 grain, 12 ft (T11) 168 Grain, 12 ft (T14) Rod Size: 2-6 Rod Size: 5-8 Rod Size: 7-10 Color: Yellow Color: Light Blue Color: Tan Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: S2/3 Run: S3/4 Run: S5/6 Run: S5/6 Bucket: S5/6 Bucket: S8/9 Bucket: S8/9

OPST Commando Tips Specifications Chart:

96 Grain, 12ft (T8) 132 Grain, 12ft (T11) 168 Grain, 12ft (T14)
Rod Size: 2-6 5-8 7-10
Color: Yellow Light Blue Tan
Run: S3/4 S5/6 S5/6
Bucket: S5/6 S8/9 S8/9

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