New Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Patterns in Stock and Shipping Now. We have you covered for the Salmon Fly Hatch.(details)
Burkus Bearback Rider Stone, Morrish Still Stone, Morrish Fluttering Stone, Clarks Lady Stone, Fools Gold, Water Walker, Norm Woods and more. We have a ton of adult stonefly patterns for 2023.

Rio Steelhead - Salmon Tippet Spool NEW Formula 2015/16

The Rio Steelhead & Salmon Tippet material is an IMPROVED product. This was an extremely tough material and we think it is even stronger now with a new formula and perfect for fishing for Steelhead and Salmon, where every fish counts and leader strength and abrasion is a critical factor.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Steelhead - Salmon Tippet IMPROVED to achieve the demands of steelhead and salmon anglers.

This leader tippet is improved with a glacial green color and it is even stronger, no kidding, than it was before. This is an exciting advancement in Rio salmon and steelhead leader tippet materials, and remember sea trout too.

Available in 30 yd spools in 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 Lb. test.

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