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OPST Commando Head


The OPST Commando Pure Skagit head is a wonderfully enjoyable, efficient, and easily casted Skagit head.

This line was designed to be the ultimate Skagit head for the most efficient Skagit cast. Skagit casting is made possible by the tension created between the line and the water’s surface, hence why the Skagit cast is reliant on a “sustained anchor,” or your fly remaining stationary in the water until the final power stroke. The Commando heads are shorter than your standard Skagit head; they range from 12 feet to 18 feet as the grain weight increases. This shorter length promotes a more efficient Skagit cast where the fly has the potential to stay stationary for a longer period of time, and also allows the angler to more easily complete their Skagit cast in one continuous motion without stopping. The Commando Head functions great on a traditional two handed spey rod, but they are also great on switch rods ranging from 10-12 feet.

All OPST Commando Heads ship free anywhere in the United States from the Caddis Fly Shop. There are also many other reasonable international shipping options available for the overseas spey anglers.

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