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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Swing Hook


OPST Swing Hooks are barbless, have superior bend and points, and make superb Intruders tied on tubes or shanks: IN STOCK, No TAX, and Free Shipping on orders over $75

There are man excellent hooks on the market these days, with ring or up eyes, but we have found these OPST Swing Hooks to be among the best of the best.

Each Hook size comes with a different number of hooks in each bag. Size #1/0-9 Hooks--Size #2-10 Hooks-- #4-11 Hooks--#6-12 Hooks.

Barbless. why take the chance that you forget to debarb your hook and put the dang thing through your nose today? Why risk weakening the metal when you pinch the barb. Starting barbless is the way to go.

Very slightly upturned eye. We fish these on all manner of tube flies and flies tied in the original Ed Ward Intruder style when the leader is strung through the eye of the hook, over the fly, and through a small mono loop at the back end of the shank, then through a piece of junction tube snugged onto the rear of the shank. Then tie on the hook using a clinch knot (improved clinch if you wish), and snug it into the junction tubing.

Slightly offset means more hookups.

Sharp upturned points. Take a look at these beauties. The overall design is one that we feel is superior in terms of hooking and holding on to fish with an angler and fish friendly barbless hook.

OPST Swing Hooks are available in sizes from 1/0 through size 6,

thus covering all the bases from trout, steelhead, salmon, bass and what have you.

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