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Sage Spey R8 Rods


Sage R8 Spey Rods offer anglers smooth, efficient, and intuitive casting with model specific actions to maximize repetitive presentations.

Sage R8 Two handed rods are available in 13 purpose-built models from 11’6” to 15’ lengths and line weights from 5-10wt. R8 Spey Rods are not a stiffer, “faster” series of rods, rather they are technology “maximizers”. Using the very best graphite available today, R8 Spey rods maximize the amount of energy collected in the cast and transfers it smoothly into the rod. Adequate stiffness, power and responsiveness in a lightweight two-handed set of rods minimizes fatigue when lifting long or heavy spey heads. Less fatigue means more casts, more casts mean more time in the water and more time in the water means more fish. R8 Technology also reduces lost energy in the cast with a reduction in lateral movements in the forward stroke of the cast increasing power and accuracy.

Lets face it when you spend $1300 on a rod it should have pretty awesome componentry. R8 Spey models don’t disappoint. Ale colored blanks with black and gold trim wraps have an elegant look. Traditional deep walnut insert paired with granite machined aluminum componentry matches the blank nicely. Cork handles have been slimmed down and give anglers a better feel than ever when casting.

Sage has broken down R8 Spey models into four distinctive sub sets. “Switch”, “Lightweight Line Speed”, “Max Versatility” and “Most Powerful” Switch Models – 7116-4 and 8116-4

R8 Switch Rods are built for spey casting in the closest quarters. When turning over the fly with little room is required, R8 Switch rods excel. Despite their shorter length of 11’6” R8 Switch Models cast both Skagit and Scandi lines surprising distances. Seven and 8wt models are match a variety of species from trout to steelhead.

Line recommendations for Sage R8 Switch Rods: 7116-4: 475 Skagit Max power and 440 Scandi launch. 8116-4: 525 Skagit Max Power and 470 Scandi Launch

Lightweight Line Speed – 5126-4 and 6130-4

The 5126-4 and 6130-4 R8 Models were designed specifically for summer steelhead, smaller salmon and oversized trout. Think hot days, light flies and lines, nothing to heavy but the potential for wind, and all day casting. These rods create high line speed without wear and tear on your body. Super responsive to scandi and scandi body lines but capable of casting skagit lines with light tips all day as well.

Line recommendations for 5 and 6wt Sage R8 Models: 5126-4: 375 Skagit Max Power and 320 Scandi Launch. 6130-4: 425 Skagit Max Launch and 380 Scandi Launch

Max Versatility – 7126-4 | 7130-4 | 7136-4 | 8130-4 | 9130-4

Sage R8 Spey Models 7wt-9wt hit meet the widest range of casting styles, line types and fishing situations. Summer, Fall and Winter the R8 Spey 7-9wts control various line types in large and smaller rivers. The 7126-4 is a particularly sweet light summer rod and the 8130-4 is a sweet skagit rod with superior lifting power for weighted heads and tips. The 9130-4 will manage big lines in big rivers with big fish. All models have an easy loading, easy to find sweet spots that make these models a true joy to cast.

Line recommendations for Max Versatility Rods. 7126-4: 500-550 skagit – 450-500 scandi 7130-4: 500-550 skagit – 450-500 scandi 7136-4: 500-550 skagit – 450-500 scandi 8130-4: 550-600 skagit – 500-550 scandi 9130-4: 600-650 skagit – 550-600 scandi

Most Powerful – 8126-4 | 8136-4 | 9140-6 | 10150-4

Sage R8 Spey 8-10wt have additional blank strength and rod lengths up to 15ft. These rods are capable of lifting and casting some really big and heavy lines. When you need to launch a big skagit head with T-14 and a massive intruder or a lengthy scandi head with a super long leader these larger Sage R8 models will do the job. The 8126-4 R8 Spey is a sweet Pacific Northwest winter steelhead rod and the 6pc 9140-4 is an awesome B.C or Atlantic Salmon travel spey model.

Line recommendations for Most Power Rods. 8126-4: 575-625 skagit – 520-580 scandi 8136-4: 575-625 skagit – 520-580 scandi 9140-6: 625-675 skagit – 550-610 scandi 10150-4: 675-750 skagit – 610-670 scandi

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