New Echo Swing Trout Spey and Trout Spey Outfits shipping now.(details)
New for late fall 2023 Echo Swing Trout Spey models 11ft 3 and 4wts along with a custom outfit will get you into trout spey for an affordable price.

Sage Fly Rods

Sage Fly Rods - The Caddis Fly Shop offers the full line of SAGE fly rods at Unbeatable Pricing - Fast Free shipping!

Many SAGE Fly rods, including the new Sage X rod, X switch rods, and X Spey rods are based on Konnetic Technology and are designed to “up your game” on the water. Our fast free shipping and personal service are foundation of the Caddis Fly's superior customer service and satisfaction. Our team of experts has experience with the full line of Sage Fly Rods, so give us a call and we will try to steer you in the right direction when you are trying to decide on the right fly rod for your fishing style and waters.

Guide Reviews of Sage Fly Rods

Our staff and guides at the Caddis Fly Shop fish and recommend Sage fly rods to our customers because their overall quality is unsurpassed and we trust Sage to fill each and every possible fly rod niche one might imagine

Sage's Warranty service is top notch in the industry too, and you may rest assured that SAGE stands behind each of its fly rods.

Let’s review few of the fly fishing rods that Sage offers.

Sage X fly rods.

Sage X Spey and Switch fly rods.

Sage Rod/Rio Line Recommendations Chart

Rod Performance Preference:
line speed and tight loop emphasis
Load Preference:
active rod load as desired by caster
Sage X (3-5wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Perception, Trout LT/InTouch RIO Grand/InTouch, Extreme Indicator, Outbound, Single Hand Spey
Sage X (6-8wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Grand/InTouch, General Purpose Saltwater RIO InTouch Single Hand Spey, Coastal Quickshooter, Bonefish Quickshooter
Sage X (9-10wt) RIO General Purpose Saltwater, Striper 300gr, Bonefish Quickshooter RIO Big Nasty, Redfish (Summer/Winter), Coastal Quickshooter XP
Method (4-6wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Perception, Coastal Quickshooter RIO Grand/InTouch, Coldwater Outbound, InTouch Single Hand Spey
Method (7-9wt) RIO Grand/InTouch, General Purpose Saltwater, Coastal Quickshooter XP RIO Big Nasty, Bonefish Quickshooter, InTouch Single Hand Spey
Method (10-11wt) RIO General Purpose Saltwater, Tarpon, Tarpon Quickshooter F/I RIO Tarpon Quickshooter F/I, Tarpon Quickshooter Floating, Tropical Series GT
Sage One (0-4wt, The Little Ones) RIO Trout LT/InTouch WF(3-4), Perception/InTouch WF(3-4), Trout InTouch/DT (00-4) RIO Trout LT/InTouch DT, Gold WF(3-4)
MOD (2-6wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Perception RIO Grand/InTouch, Single Hand Spey, Camolux
ESN II (2-4wt) RIO Euro Nymph Line, Perception, Gold RIO Grand/InTouch, Gold (one size up), Single Hand Spey
SALT (5-16wt) RIO General Purpose Saltwater, Bonefish Quickshooter, Coastal Quickshooter RIO Bonefish Quickshooter, Redfish (Winter/Summer), Tarpon Quickshooter
Motive (6-12wt) RIO General Purpose Saltwater, Coastal Quickshooter, Tarpon, Outbound RIO Bonefish Quickshooter, Coastal Quickshooter, Leviathan, Tarpon Quickshooter
Accel (3-9wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Coldwater Outbound, General Purpose Saltwater RIO Grand/InTouch, Bonefish Quickshooter, Coastal Quickshooter XP
Bolt (4-8wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, General Purpose Saltwater, Coastal Quickshooter RIO Grand/InTouch, InTouch XTR Indicator, Goldwater Outbound
Pulse (3-8wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Camolux, Coastal Quickshooter RIO Grand/InTouch, InTouch XTR Indicator, Outbound Short
Approach (3-9wt) RIO Gold/InTouch, Coldwater Outbound, Mainstream WF Floating RIO Grand/InTouch, XTR Indicator, Outbound Short
Pike/Musky (10-11wt) RIO Pike/Musky, Tarpon Quickshooter, Big Nasty RIO Tarpon Quickshooter F/I, Pike/Musky, Coastal Quickshooter XP
Bass/Bluegilll (Smallmouth, Largemouth, Peacock) Sage Performance Bass Taper Sage Performance Bass Taper, RIO Outbound Short
Sage R8 Rods