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Sage Sense Euro Nymphing Rod


The Sage Sense rod is designed specifically for the European Nymphing angler. Medium action 2,3,4wt rods in 10 and 10.5ft lengths have optimized componentry and stealthy cosmetics.

SAGE Sense Rods use Sage's Generation 5 technology also used in SONIC and MAVERICK models. SENSE rods have a soft tip for increased effectiveness in workiing precise nymph rigs and protecting fine tippets, giving greater control when tight line fishing.

SAGE SENSE rods are not soft throughout. Once the soft tip absorbs shock and prevents bounce, the rest of the blank is more stout and helps with quick hook sets and fish fighting. The SAGE SENSE features specific cosmetics like single foot guides and an optimally positioned stripper guide. A matte black down-locking reel seat delivers and even balance while shifting reel weight further to the rear. The "Stealth Grey" blank color and tonal cosmetics provide added low glare camo in approaching spooky fish. Each SENSE rod comes in 4 pieces and a rugged black nylon rod tube with divided liner.

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