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New for late fall 2023 Echo Swing Trout Spey models 11ft 3 and 4wts along with a custom outfit will get you into trout spey for an affordable price.

Shilton CR Ultra Large Arbor Reels


Shilton CR Series Reels have a super smooth drag and extra large arbor. The CR is designed for freshwater line weights #3-8wt.

The Shilton CR is designed for freshwater species in the line range of 3-8wt. The CR4 has an increased drag size to accommodate steelhead, salmon, large bass and more. The modern looking large arbor Shilton CR Series has three models all staying under 5.6oz. The super large arbor spool makes for quick line retrieval, smooth outgoing drag and line memory reduction.

Shilton CR Reels are available in standard Black and Titanium, we are stocking some full color anodized models indicated as "in-stock" and others may be ordered with a 6-8 week delivery time frame.

Custom reel orders are welcome, drag knobs, spools, handles, reel foots can all be customized. Give us a ring to place your order.

Capacities and Specifications for Shilton CR Reels

CR2 3.5" Diameter, 4.5oz, 3-4wt lines WF3 +65yds, WF4 + 55yds 20lbs

CR3 3.8" Diameter, 4.9oz, 5-6wt lines WF5 +155yds, WF6 + 110yds 20lbs

CR4 4.2" Diameter, 5.5oz, 7-8wt lines WF7 +175yds, WF8 + 150yds 30lbs

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