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Shilton Reels

We got turned on to Shilton Fly Reels when customers travelling to the Seychelles returned from their trip raving about the reels that the outfitter was using. Shilton Reels are battle tested on the toughest fish on earth. Shilton Reels are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Shilton Reels have the smoothest and strongest drag on the market. Shilton Reels are made for fly anglers by fly anglers. The incredibly solid and great looking design will help you land the fish of a lifetime with confidence.

There are a ton of great reels on the market these days but when anglers travel to the furthest outposts of the globe they must choose wisely. Shilton has become the choice of anglers and guides who ask the most out of their fly reels in the most demanding environments. stocks three series of Shilton Fly Reels. The freshwater CR Series of large arbor reels takes care of line weights #3-8wt. All of the Shilton CR models stay under 5.6oz, and have large arbors, super smooth drags and solid construction built for lifetime of use.

The Shilton SL Large Arbor Saltwater Series of Reels is Shilton’s flagship model. The SL has proven its performance over the past 15 years in the toughest environments on the plant. The Shilton SL Series is designed to tame big bad fish and offers options for line weights 7-14wt.

The Shilton SR is the latest model in the Shilton line of large arbor saltwater fly reels. The SR builds on the SL Series adding arbor diameter and increasing drag size. The SR is aimed specifically at the core saltwater reel sizes 9-12wt.

New for 2021 Shilton is offering color options in all series of reels. We are stocking some of these and others require 6-8 weeks for delivery. Black and Titanium finish are standard stock colors.