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Shilton SR Large Arbor Saltwater Spare Spools


Shilton SR Series Spare Spools allow anglers to quickly and easily swap spools with applicable fly lines to target new depths and species.

Shilton SR series spools are available in standard Black and Titanium and colored spools are available with 6-8 week delivery times. Colored spools fit standard frames for a custom reel of your own making.

Capacities and Specifications for Shilton SR Reels

SR9 4" Diameter, 8.5oz, 9wt lines WF9 +230yds 30lbs,

SR10 4.3" Diameter, 9.8oz, 10wt lines WF10 +285yds 30lbs

SR12 4.6" Diameter, 10.9oz, 12wt lines W129 +350yds 30lbs

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