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Shilton SL Large Arbor Saltwater Reels


Shilton SL Saltwater Series Reels are the most proven big game saltwater reel on the market. When guiding operations like Alphonse in Seychelles make your reel their go to fly reel, you know it works. The Shilton SL has been battle tested by some of the toughest fish on earth.

The Shilton SL features a custom processed cork disc drag and super high quality anodizing. Black and titanium models are standard stocking items, we are stocking some full color anodized models and indicate them as "in stock" and others are available for order with 6-8 week delivery times.

The Shilton SL Large Arbor Saltwater reels has an incoming and outgoing click and in sizes SL4-SL8 for line weights 5/6 to 14/16.

Custom reel orders are welcome, drag knobs, spools, handles, reel foots can all be customized. Give us a ring to place your order.

Capacities and Specifications for Shilton SL Reels

SL4 3.6" Diameter, 7.0oz, 5-6wt lines WF7 +150yds,

SL5 3.6" Diameter, 7.6oz, 7-8wt lines WF7 +275yds

SL6 3.8" Diameter, 8.1oz, 9-10wt lines WF9 +230yds

SL7 4.3" Diameter, 10.2oz, 12-14wt lines WF12 +380yds

SL8 5" Diameter, 14.7oz, 14-16wt lines WF14 +600yds

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