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Sage European-Style Nymphing Fly Rods


The Sage ESN II is Sage's second generation European-Style Nymphing Rod and it is manufactured to be the perfect Czech Nymphing fly rod for maximizing the amount of fish you catch.

Czech Nymphing is universally considered to be the most effective style to catch the most fish when executed correctly. Pair that potential with a state-of-the-art fly rod from Sage to get the job done and you become one deadly angler.

The Sage ESN II has a refined medium action, which is perfect for the long and short line techniques that Euro-Style nymphing demands. This rod gives you the technology and capability to cover all riffles and pools in any size river-- it is a dynamic performer built for a specific style of angling.


A QUICK RECAP: The Sage One debuted Sage’s Konnetic Technology. If you haven’t heard of this, or haven’t fished a Sage One, Konnetic Technology is Sage’s way of precisely positioning Carbon fibers in their fly rod blanks to create a slimmer profile and a more efficient energy transfer through the rod. In other words, when you cast a “non-konnetic” fly rod, the blank will not only move back and forth, but also side to side. This is due to the placement of the fibers within the blank; if the rod is moving side to side during a cast, and not just forward and backward, you are losing energy, therefore being less efficient, and your accuracy and distance suffer. Konnetic Technology lays carbon fibers alongside one another in a straight line down the fly rod, so side-to-side movements are significantly decreased.

So, what is KonneticHD? It is Sage’s optimization of graphite-to-resin ratio, which has resulted in higher density (HD) fibers which means more lightweight, stronger blanks with unmatched energy transfer and line control. It is Konnetic Technology 2.0; better, Higher-Density materials. In fact, it has the highest sectional density of any graphite fly rod.

Features of the ESN II

KonneticHD technology, black ice blank color, fuji stripper guides with hard chrome snake guides, balck anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat.


2100-4 ESN is built for small, intimate water where light flies and smaller fish are the norm.

3100-4 ESN is perfect for all-around long and short line techniques. It can handle larger flies and wide range of fish sizes.

3106-4 ESN has an extra 6 inches on the previous model that goes a long way. It allows you to more effectively cover larger water and gives you a bit more strength to handle a diverse range of environments and fish.

4100-4 ESN is a perfect blend of strength and delicacy. This is the rod for big water and big fish. It handles large, heavy flies superbly.

Lifetime Warranty on all Sage ESN II Fly Rods.

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