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Sage Fly Reels and Spare Spools

Sage Fly Reels and spare spools offer cutting-edge designs and technology. The Caddis Fly offers superior customer service and competitive pricing. NO SALES Tax, Fast Free shipping!

Sage Fly reels are the perfect companion to Sage fly rods, including the new Sage X. Our fast free shipping, NO SALES TAX, and personal service make the Caddis Fly “Number ONE” in client approval and satisfaction. Our guides and in-store staff experts will help you consider your fly reel options, no matter what your experience level happens to be.

Sage Fly Reels and spare spools - Videos, customer service, superior performance and sales.

We know Sage at the Caddis fly Shop. Rods, reels, waist packs, lines, and rod tubes, plus Sage clothing. Sage is just – well – amazing. You too may trust Sage to fill every possible fly fishing niche one might imagine, just as our staff does. Sage fly reels? Great performance and competitive pricing.

Sage fly reels all come equipped with reel cases tailored to the reel size. As a great big family, Sage fly reels have grown to be leaner, meaner, precisely engineered, and versatile. From entry level, super light trout reels to the BIG BOYS we would fish for Bluewater and King Salmon Spey fishing, Sage has us covered.

Sage 8000 Pro Series fly reels. This is Sage’s flagship reel, machined of Aerospace aluminum, SCS (Sealed Carbon System) Dual-stage, amazing precise drag, close tolerance racehorse. The 8000 Pro series will satisfy the most discriminating angler fishing lines 8 to 12, with the Skagit Line Spey fisher included..

Sage 6000 Series fly reels. This reel is the foundation for the 8000 Pro series, and it is what we consider the workhorse, high quality Sage fly reel. Not quite as heavy as its big-brother, this is an exquisite reel with dual drag adjustment capabilities, pure strength, dependability, and beauty for line wt. 7-12 fresh and saltwater fly anglers of the globe.

Sage 4600 Series fly reels. This is an innovative mid-range fly reel you should feel and fish to really appreciate. Anglers fishing lines in the 4-9 range, for trout and light saltwater species will find this LARGE ARBOR reel to be a real gem in terms of both performance and price value. Finely adjustable SCS micro-Cassette drag and did we mention a really LARGE Arbor provide fast line retrieve and superior strength.

Sage 4200 Series fly reels. This is perhaps the most versatile, high performing, modestly priced Sage fly reel, offering outstanding value to anglers fishing lines in the 3-10 range, from trout to modestly-powered saltwater species. The Drag system is fully sealed, a good feature for sure, and it is machined throughout from aerospace aluminum, corrosion resistant and easily convertible from left to right retrieve.

Sage 2000 Series fly reels. easing up the performance ladder by offering a machined aluminum spool and reel foot, We consider this reel a solid performer for anglers fishing the line wt. 3-9 range. Spools are interchangeable with the 1800series, making a move up the performance ladder a more economical prospect for beginning fly fishers.

Sage 1800 Series fly reels. This is the entry level Sage reel that is durable cast aluminum and is paired with advanced drag mechanisms, interchangeability of spools with the 2000 series, and simple retrieve conversion.

Sage Click Series fly reels. Our Guides and clients know better than to dismiss this fly reel simply because it is at the low end of the Sage reel spectrum. The Click series features great durable metal frames and spools, the simplicity of lightweight, infallible, traditional click drag, easy conversion of retrieve, and a perfect match for the lightest rods, like the precious Circa.