New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

Hatch Outdoors Iconic Fly Reels

Hatch fly Reels are as beautiful as they are sturdy and dependable, highly engineered lifetime fly reels.

How could Hatch possibly improve on an already superior fly reel? Well, they did, plain and simple. A new frame and spool design, adding a tiny little 1 PLUS to the seven-reel series, reducing reel weight and maintaining rock solid sturdiness & reliability, and - wow - all our old Hatch Monsoon and Pulse fly reel spools fit like Cinderella's slipper into the frame of the new Hatch Finatic, so we have maximum flexibility mixing and matching spools, lines, and frames.

Custom color inset option new in 2021.

Our friends at Hatch just announced their new custom paint-fill color options on a special order basis. Thanks to Hatch, the Caddis Fly Shop is able to offer a variety of colors to create a special personality on your next reel making it practically a singular edition herloom. You may choose a paint color-fill will that Hatch will place into all engraved surfaces on a standard Finatic reel or spool. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Interested in this option? We encourage you to call or email the Caddis Fly Shop and we will help make sure your order is properly placed and ensure that you get just the perfect color combination to meet your expectations.

Hatch Iconic Fly reels: Guide reviews and video tell the story of excellence.

The Hatch Finatic fly reel series from the 1 PLUS to the 12 PLUS covers every fly fishing niche around the world, and you will not find a more dependable, eye-pleasing reel at any price, unless maybe if NASA invents a diamond studded fly reel made to withstand the rigors of Jupiter's gravity and liquid methane environment. They got fish on Jupiter?

Lifetime fly reels. The Hatch Iconic fly reels are fished, punished, and revered by our Caddis Fly staff and clients. Why? They offer performance unmatched by any fly reel at any price, period. Buy a Hatch and fish it until the end of the world, just don't squish it with the SUV on the way to Soccer practice.

Saltwater or Fresh, the Anodization of Hatch Finatic fly reels assures full durability and protection from harsh water, weather, and mean fish.

Fully CNC Machined frames and spools. Sure, all sorts of fly reels are machined these days. Simple machining is no longer the guarantee of excellent dependable performance. CNC (computer numerical control) allows consistency, close tolerances, and creates absolutely impressive fly reels for Hatch. The base block of aluminum that bears life to every Finatic reel is the highest quality in the fly reel industry. The machining tolerances are the tightest, and the quality control is unsurpassed. These reels are not simply machined, they are HATCH MACHINED. And yes, this makes a tangible difference in the final product you will invest in and fish for your lifetime. Oh yes, Hatch reels are not polished. You see the honest groves left by the precise machining process. Some High end fly reels are polished to cover up manufacturing boo-boos. Not a Hatch. You see every groove ad this also gives each fly reel an individuality in addition to the precision and tight fit of each spool to frame.

Large and Mid Arbor options Nice feature, because there is no need to put an excessive amount of backing on a reel, and having the two line capacity options that are interchangeable on all frames allows each Hatch Finatic reel in the series to accommodate at least three line weights and either braided Dacron or super-braid baking.

Warrantied for Life Not surprising, but Warranty issues are rare with Hatch fly reels. The warranty is important for all of us, but we have NEVER seen a Hatch of any model fail due to construction/materials issues. We can't keep you from backing over a Hatch, but if you bet on one of these babies we double your bet that it'll never fail you in the moment of truth.

Ultimate Drag System Zero start up inertia. No fade in tension as the beastie takes line off your reel as if it were a motorcycle on a country road. A stacked series of Rulon and stainless steel drag discs distribute friction and heat so that this reel stays calm, cool and collected under otherwise stressful runs.

Integrated, Machined Reel Seats Most fly reel makers who offer machined reels use screws to attach the reel seat to the reel frame. Not so with the Hatch Finatic. The Machining process is more complicated and time consuming, but the result is a stronger seat/frame unit because this is a single piece of metal, rather than two pieces screwed together.

Made in the USA, Need we say more?

Bluegill to Billfish. Hatch Fly Reels are made to accommodate 0 - 12 weight rods and any Switch or Spey Rod you can put your hands on. What more could you ask for in the way of versatility?

We invite you to go to the Hatch Iconic page located below and select the reel and options of your dream. Then expect to keep your Hatch or Hatches in the family for ages and ages.