Complete Euro Nymph Set-Up $269 Rod Reel Line Backing Leader Flies Included (details)
We have put together an Echo Carbon 10ft 3wt Euro Nymph Rod and Echo Reel an Airflo Euro Nymph line, a Rio Leader with tippet ring and 2 Euro Jig nymphs. All set to get you tight line nymphing the day your order arrives.

Lamson Waterworks Fly Reels & Spare Spools

Innovative Lamson Waterworks Reels –we stock most models to cover any fly fishing scenario imaginable.

With several great fly reel models to choose from, our biggest challenge is to decide where to start. With fly reels of great quality made in the USA from about a hundred and fifty bucks to the nine hundred buck range, you will find the right balance between design features, line capacity, and value for the fish and the waters you most love.

Match your new Lamson Waterworks fly reel with any fly rod, load on your favorite Rio, Airflo, or SA fly line, jump in your truck, launch the boat, and set to fishing as soon as you can.

Our research and Reviews of Lamson Waterworks Fly reels prove the excellence of these fly reels covers every conceivable fishing niche from 1 wt through 12 wt and beyond … into the heart of the Switch and Spey world.

Hands down, these reels are innovation, superior performance, and dependability personified.

Saltwater or Fresh, one of these Lamson Waterworks fly reels will earn a place at your side, on your favorite fly rod.

Drag systems: Some as simple as a click drag on an ultralight reel spooled up with a #2 wt line, to a Herculean saltwater sealed drag loaded with a #12 wt line and Tarpon attached, Lamson has the right drag on the right reel, and at the right price with overall excellence built into every model.

Start with Aerospace 6020 Aluminum, add Grade 5 Titanium, and finish of with 544 grade Bonze Bearing: these materials form the heart of Lamson Waterworks fly reels.

Virtually all reels other than the Konic II are Machined and have amazingly precise fit tolerances. Quality control is Grade A for Lamson Fly Reels.

Fly Reels and Bicycles? Waterworks-Lamson Fly reels evolved from C1 Design Group, a team of dedicated engineers that focused on things that go around: High tech bicycle wheels, suspensions, and components that interact among wheels, brakes, suspensions, and support structures. The bicycle industry is highly competitive, demands innovative advances in technology, and is a perfect fit with the modern fly reel – a wheel and braking (drag) system.

Warranty for Life Original Owner Warranty service is not unusual for high-end fly reels. Lamson Waterworks provides prompt, no nonsense, modest-fee for any of the Reels they currently offer. Lamson even offers an upgrade to LP Fly reel owners that is unbeatable and enticing.

Availability: We cover all models of Lamson Waterworks fly reels. We have an excellent relationship with the folks at Lamson, so if you want any reel, spool, or accessory, with NO SALES TAX and FREE SHHIPPING, we can provide it to you promptly. Call or email us if you want a Lamson product you don’t see on this page, thank you?

Here is a quick run-down of the Lamson Fly Reel Family of Models.

Vanquish Pardon the expression, but this fly reel is designed to do one thing: Kick Ass and take names. At diameters of 3.3 inches up to a whopping 4.7 inches, one or more of the six reels in the Vanquish series handles lines as light as #4 and as hefty as #12. Impeccable sealed drag, stronger than strong demands, and salt water invulnerability are among the features will earn this Lamson reel a most-cherished standing in your collection.

Lamson Arx: From the 3.75 inch to the 4.5 inch diameter spools, one of these three Arx models will suit your most demanding Switch and Spey fishing specifications.

Lamson Speedster: You want to talk fast? The Speedster is that and more. Higher than usual spool diameters plus narrow frames yield the fastest retrieve with the most even line wind. Add an awesome drag system, eclectic style, easy to adjust drag nob, and you have a reel capable of keeping up with speedy bonefish, permit, and steelhead. Five models from 3 wt to 10 wt to accommodate any fresh or saltwater adventure.

ULA Force SL: Go here for a full trout range of ultra light fly reels incorporating computer engineered and executed machining to balance frame strength with light weight. One of five models will accommodate lines 4 wt through 8 wt, so you will be able to fish from creek to lake, heck even the Missouri or McKenzie right here near the Caddis Fly Shop. Oops almost forgot to mention the big drag nob to make adjustment a snap and you already know you can depend on s smooth as butter tension adjustment from the ULA Force SL (super Light) reel.

ULA Purist: Simple. Click drag. Ultra light and dependable. If you fish trout or any freshwater species with lines from 2 through #5, one of these two models will be a TON of FUN to fish.

Lamson Force SL represents the world’s lightest full-drag large arbor reel. The conical drag allows the structure of the reel to maximize the large, wide line storage format pioneered by the fine folks at Waterworks Lamson. The Force can pick up line quickly, store it without colliding and provide consistent drag torque, yet still weigh an incredible light 3.3oz or less!

Lamson Litespeed: Not that it was needed, but the dependable Litespeed Lamson has been given the slightest cosmetic make-over; shifting handle outward, improving the drag nob , slimming spool curve, and little machining modifications to increase frame strength but maintain overall mass. Nice way to make a great reel greater. Eight models cover the bases from #1/2 lines to #10/11 lines. Oh my goodness.

Lamson Litespeed IV maintains all of the fundamental designed that made its predecessor famous. Yet slight adjustments have updated the Litespeed to ensure that no other reel in its price range will match its performance. Superior strength and stiffness without the additional weight.

Lamson Velocity: Start by thinking of a super strong Hard Alox finish applied over machined aluminum. Here is another fly reel that Lamson re-engineered to improve on an already tested, approved, and loved product series. More line capacity, faster retrieve, lighter, and yes indeed this new Velocity is stronger than its daddy, if such a thing is possible (it is). This is another of the diverse Lamson models, with 8 reel sizes to accommodate lines as light as #1 to as stout as #10. Machined aluminum, saltwater safe, with stainless components, this will stand up to the meanest Goldfish to the sleekest Tarpon. At between mid-two bills to mid three bills, a great price for a great reel.

Lamson Velocity Nickel: Take everything noted about the Velocity above, switch out the hard Alox finish, and substitute an equally durable, lighter, brighter nickel finish, and presto: you now have the Velocity nickel Series, with a total of nine reel sizes fit for lines #1 to #11. Same reasonable price, same great Lamson performance.

Lamson Speedster HD Fly Reel is a super-high retrieve rate reel which makes it the hotrod reel of our line-up. A compelling reel in the mid-price range. Classic Waterworks Lamson styling and attention to detail, and you have what the name implies: the Speedster!

Lamson Guru: Starting at around two hundred bucks for a FULLY USA MACHINED Lamson fly reel was quite an accomplishment when the Guru was introduced roughly 4 seasons ago. Six models will spool-up with lines from #4 to #1 and a low maintenance drag system just like the fancy fly reels in the line up. Questions about where to Start with Lamson? This is an easy place to start.

Lamson Guru HD: Unlike the standard Guru, the Guru HD has both a complete cage design (like ARX) and type II finish in pewter-tan color. True to Lamson, the Guru’s spoked design maximizes the reel’s strength-to-weight ratio.

Lamson Konic II: Whoa, boys and girls. Upgraded for 2013, and Totally compatible and interchangeable fit with first generation KONIC reels and spools, the Konic II blends a pressure cast aluminum alloy frame, seals it with a poly finish to make it tougher and scratch resistant, adds machined drag and functional components, plus stainless clutch drag systems. This Konic II is offered at barely over one bill to well under two bills, and is a GREAT opportunity to fish a lifetime warranty Lamson quality fly reel.