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New for late fall 2023 Echo Swing Trout Spey models 11ft 3 and 4wts along with a custom outfit will get you into trout spey for an affordable price.

Lamson Remix S Reel

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Lamson Remix S Fly Reel is a hybrid cast spool with CNC machined frame. Remix S reels have the structural integrity of reels twice the price.

Remix S spools are compatiple with Liquid S. The pressure cast with pocket spar design and increased strength to weight ratio.

Older versions fo Remix and Liquid spools to not fit this new for 2023/4 Remix S. Sizes are 3+ for 2,3,4 line weights, 5+ for 4-6wt lines and 7+ for 6-8wt lines and 9+ for 8-10wt lines. HD models have full frames for thinner running lines and added ruggedness. Day Beak has a bit of sunrise gold color and smoke is smoke color.

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