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Lamson Liquid S Reels


Lamson Liquid S Fly Reels are Lamson's second generation Liquid Reels. Liquid S reels look better, have larger diameters and increased strenth to weight ratios.

Liquid S reels have a redesigned arbor shape for cleaner spooling and the drag knob is larger and easier to adjust. Three Pack versions include 1 reel and two spare spools in a padded reel case. The Liquid S 3 Pack is no doubt one of the very best buys in the industry for a quality reel and spool combo.

Liquid S Reels do not interchange with previous Liquid/Remix spools. Sizes are 3+ for 2,3,4 line weights, 5+ for 4-6wt lines and 7+ for 6-8wt lines and 9+ for 8-10wt lines.

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