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Sage Spectrum C Spare Spools


The SAGE Spectrum C fly reel spare spool fits the Sage Spectrum C fly reel introduced in the fall of 2018.

The Spectrum C spool offers anglers an economical spare spool, adding line options on the water.

If you are heading to the lake and need a sinking line or a sink tip or even a lighter presentation floating line grab a spare spool and easily switch from line option to line option.

The Spectrum C spool simply "pushes" out of the frame of the Spectrum C Reel and then snap in the spare spool with another line. At only $75 you can fish deeper with a snap.

Size 3/4 is ideal for a 3 or 4wt line and about 100 yards of 20lbs backing.

Size 5/6 is ideal for a 5 or 6wt line and about 100 yards of 20lbs backing.

Size 7/8 is ideal for a 7 or 8wt line and about 200 yards of 20lbs backing.

Size 9/10 is ideal for a 9 or 10wt line and about 200 yards of 30lbs backing. The 9/10 Spectrum C is also a fantastic Switch Rod match.

Spare spools are available for these reels offered in black and grey.

We are happy to load your Spectrum C spool with backing at now charge regardless of whether you purchase a line from us or not.

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